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Again The Sunset - Inga Huld Hákonardóttir

maa 16/09/2019 > zon 22/09/2019

Again The Sunset is where identity is multiplied over and over again by what it touches. It moves. It is a song, a speech and a story... It is a hard rock made hard when you hold it. It is quiet. And then it gets so loud. The form of a love song and it’s concept is stretched to a physical and visual unfolding of events. A dance appears. It’s identity melts with what it touches.The inseparability of the body and voice are highlighted as much as the inseparability of sound and materiality, where a body knows no limits; knows not the difference between itself and what it touches, knows not (but wonders) about the difference between what is a product of historical reproduction and what of it is authentic or unique.

Again The Sunset is created by Inga Hákonardóttir in collaboration with Yann Leguay. It contemplates intimate realities and their paradoxes, highlighting the inseparability of things; how everything is connected in sometimes unexpected ways.

Photo: Andur Anna Kristjansdottir