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Estelle Delcambre

maa 11/06/2018 > zat 30/06/2018

What is left from a sensation? An emotion? A situation? An encounter? Which traces remain anchored in my skin, in my heart, in my body? Which traces do we leave behind us? How can an ephemeral act become a trace? How can the past influence the present, and the present change the past?

In this solo research, Estelle decided to work with three elements: body, paint and a wall to questioning the memory of the body and its transmission. The idea is to experiment the encounter of these three elements, using paint at first as material, using the entire body as a brush and using my movement as an extention of this brush. Guided by inner sensations, improvising the movement in the instant, the interest lays on discovering the images that revealed from this interaction.

The point of this research is not to decide the final visual result in advance, but to let it
result as a consequence, a left over, a memory of what happened during the encounter. A trace from a moment of life.