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Jaha Koo - CUCKOO

maa 15/05/2017 > zon 28/05/2017

Young people unemployed, a high suicide rate, killing relatives due to economic pessimism and sexual offenses of every kind. A society rampant with academic sectarianism, androcentrism and a military-style hierarchical culture. Servile attitudes towards power have been a virtue for people who want a bowl of rice and soup. This has been the shameful history of Korea for the past 600 years.

The Korean theater maker Jaha Koo reveals the cultural epidemic of "Confucian modernity" with ’Cuckoo’ rice cookers. ’Cuckoo’ is a Korean brand of electric rice cookers designed to boil or steam rice for human consumption. These rice cookers can cook various kinds of rice - using steam pressure - and have an audio guide for the cooking menu and processes. In collaboration with hardware hacker Nathan Andrew Fain, Koo hacked the rice cookers to provide them with sufficient language ability to perform on stage.

CUCKOO deals with the patriarchal and totalitarian South Korean social system that limits individual free will and behavior. Koo interweaves his own personal stories with the larger national stories and history. CUCKOO is the second part of Koo’s "Hamartia"-trilogy, the first part of which is titled LOLLING AND ROLLING. The "Hamartia" trilogy thematically focuses on how the past - history - tragically affects our lives today.