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Rósa Ómarsdóttir - Traces

din 04/04/2017 > vri 14/04/2017

"Maybe it is worth running the risks associated with anthropomorphism (superstition, devinization of nature, romanticism) because it, oddly enough, works against anthropocentrism: a chord is stuck between person and a thing, and I am no longer above or outside a nonhuman environment”.
Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter

Traces is a dance performance which explores pagan rituals and witchcraft as means to relate to our surroundings/environment, playing with the notion of anthropomorphism. The scenography will play a big role in Traces, resembling different landscapes, urban or natural, and questions the dichotomy between these two terms.
During the two weeks residency at Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Rósa will work together with scenographer Ragna Ragnarsdóttir on the different potentials of the various fabrics they will use for the scenography. They will focus on experimentations with fabrics and materials. They will try to build different landscapes i.e. out of dry-ice resembling a silhouette of an urban city, or from a play with plastic-fabric and lights resembling the northern lights. They will explore how one can use pagan practices and cast spells; and perform different rituals in these landscapes in order to influence the state of it and to give it anthropomorphic qualities. They will strive to create a magical and ever changing environment from simple and even mundane fabrics.