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Mehdi-Georges Lahlou - The Ring of the Dove

din 14/03/2017 > zat 18/03/2017

With The Ring of the Dove Mehdi-Georges Lahlou will, for the first time, translate his work to the stage.
Based on the eponymous text by poet Ibn Hazm (994-1064), the show will combine the historical background of the author with the cultural influences that Mehdi-Georges likes to manipulate in his visual work, consisting of photo-sculptures and performances.
In his research on representation and perception, he questions the symbolism connected to religious esthetics, cultural and sexual identity; and gender. By shaking up our certainties, he confronts us with the unknown and with our doubts. In a subtle game his work balances on the borders of reality, faith and history by suggesting an alternative, absurd and burlesque reality. The artist likes to twist social codes; the performative body becomes hybrid – half man, half woman -, norms are questioned by a game with fetish-objects, flirtation with provocation is driven by the principle of resistance.
At the moment The Ring of the Dove is in a phase of research and rehearsal. The final presentation will contain images and actions that Mehdi-Georges Lahlou has created over the years which will be incorporated in a newly developed dramaturgical narrative construction.
The Ring of the Dove will show different tableaux confronting religious references and symbols, supported by a soundscape developed to construct a dramaturgical frame. The tableaux will combine the physical presence of Mehdi-Georges, a soundscape, an installation, a sculpture or a video projection.

more info: www.mehdigeorgeslahlou.com