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Ciclope: CPAS video and animation workshop

CPAS video and animation workshop is a series of workshops in collaboration with Pianofabriek cultural center and the CPAS of Saint-gilles in Brussels.
It is the third year that this workshop is happening in Pianofabriek.

This workshop is held by the Ciclope collective member Vida DENA and Marta Manaças,an inviting professional artist.

Ciclope is an audiovisual collective which is active in different demain such as workshops, film screenings and film making.

The theme of this year is about "families", "memories" and "narration". The methodology to approach the final result is based on drawings and stop motions.
We are very happy to work with participants from countries such as Syria,Morocco,Turkey and Ukraine. All of them are immigrants that are currently living in Saint-gilles and they have lots of great and beautiful stories to tell. Stories of how they got here, how beautiful their countries are and how awfully they are destroyed...

To make the nostalgic feelings of being far away from their home countries, their families and their childhood, we are working on the Drawing method: soft and beautiful, like when the children draw. Then we try to make the drawings move by the stop motion technic so that their happy,sad,painful,nostalgic and emotional narration starts moving.

The CPAS workshop will present the final results in December. Public are welcome. We will announce the date and time soon.

Finally , we are ambitious and we want to make these stories grow.
So you will soon hear from us with our ideas developing and going forward.

Follow Ciclope and their activities by following this page :)
Watch this video and look at the photos in our Ciclope page.