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Caroline Daish - Vocal Blindspots

woe 29/06/2016 > vri 01/07/2016

Vocal workshops with Johanna Peine & Natacha Muslèra

As part of her current research in voice and spacial sound, Caroline Daish invites two vocal artists with different approaches to body and voice. We welcome again Johanna Peine who was last Belgium during Myriam Van Imschoot’s polyphonic project. Johanna Peine has created her own vocal practice which I liken to BMC™ for the voice, as it tracks the evolution of the voice. It is a very corporeal approach leading people into the unique and often overlooked places of voice.

Natacha Muslèra created a tactile robot to assist the conducting of a blind choir. She also runs a monthly trans-disciplinary vocal laboratory in Marseille. Natacha speaks of the voice as mobilising the entire body; each body, each voice with it’s particular muscularity, bones, nerves, skin, with its mechanisms and psychic conditioning. Through the breath everyone connects to the forces of their being, finding their voice, their "crazy fire". "... inviting each person to know one’s own voice, playing with presence and song, continuing to invent, to metamorphose, this is what I aspire to. Labour, Laughter and Silence. " NM