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Renée Goethijn & Dries Gijsels - Totally

maa 04/07/2016 > vri 15/07/2016

For their new creation Renée and Dries start from the question: if nothing can go wrong, is there still a possibility for something to happen? Are we still able to live with the fundamental uncertainty that is part of life? How much have we come to believe that we can take total control over reality? Do we still dare to allow the unexpected? Do we still dare to get lost?

In Totally Renée and Dries will attempt to create a play in which nothing can go wrong. They are taking everything into account: the possibility of an empty venue, a forgotten piece of text that could change the whole meaning, fire, a flood, the death of an actor on stage. For each problem that could occur, they preventively provide a solution.
Along with performers David Chazam, Micha Goldberg and Femke Stallaert they will investigate how far they can take this.

Totally reflects on a touristified world in which all coincidence and uncertainty are systematically shunned for the sake of comfort, ease and efficiency. Expect a highly uncomfortable and utterly inefficient performance about what could happen if nothing can happen.

Totally will premiere on the 10th of February in Monty, Antwerp.

Renée Goethijn and Dries Gijsels met at the RITCS during their director/theatre maker training. They found out they shared a love for the absurd, the imperfect and the irrational. In their work they try to create new ways of looking at reality by deconstructing that reality and then again puzzle it back together.

Concept & staging: Dries Gijsels & Renée Goethijn
Actors: David Chazam, Micha Goldberg & Femke Stallaert
Dramaturg: Sébastien Hendrickx
Production: Kultuurfaktorij Monty & Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
Coproduction: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r & C-Mine Genk
Image: Max Pinckers