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Veli Lehtovaara - Natural Resources

maa 23/05/2016 > vri 27/05/2016

The objective of Veli’s research is to combine dance practices with the practices of moving in nature and to apply the concept of choreography as a filter to understand ecological systems and structures – and another way around, to apply concepts from ecology to choreographic and performance practices.

He will try to articulate relations to the nature, within and surrounding us, which do not consume the environment and are not based on the capitalist logics of economy. The concepts of sustainability, responsibility and sensibility in relation to ourselves, others and the environments we inhabit on this planet are taken literally as abilities to sustain, to respond and to sense. These are the foundation of the work.

The aim is to articulate an economy of attention in relation to nature, by the means of art practices. And to subvert the concept of natural resources, which is dominated and defined by the capitalist and industrial language game.