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Linux & Audio

Constant vzw & Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats present a workshop on:


Free and open source software (FOSS) has not only defined a completely new way of developing software, but has also fundamentally changed the way we look at the world. Countless FOSS projects have proven that the sharing of knowledge and technology is a powerful force in itself.

In this course, Lieven Moors will give an introduction to the GNU/Linux system from the viewpoint of a musician, and give an overview of some of the most influential open source projects for audio and midi. As a musician, he always thought that commercial software offerings were too monolithic, and lacked the kind of flexibility that stimulates creativity. This is exactly what FOSS has to offer us. Not because it does things in a better way, but because openness is its most fundamental quality.

This workshop series will consist of six lectures of six hours, which will take place at the end of January/February 2010. The lectures will be given in English by Lieven Moors.


W-E 1 : 30 & 31.01.10: introduction to GNU/Linux & Alsa

W-E 2: 6 & 7.02.10: Jack & Ardour

W-E 3: 13 & 14.02.09: Rosegarden, softsynths & samples, plug-ins

€30/weekend or €75 for the complete cycle. The workshops will take place at Ateliers du web, rue du Fortstraat (next to Pianofabriek) between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. Inscriptions : mail to david . elchardus @ pianofabriek . be

This workshop is open to all people with a minimum knowledge of computers. Knowledge of Linux and/or any audio software is a plus.

If you want to prepare your computer for the Linux Audio Workshop, or if you want to install all possible free audio software, bring your computer to one of the following Linux Copy Parties:

Sunday 10/01 at Fourquet, St-Agatha Berchem St-Agathe, from 12 to 16h -> http://www.lefourquet.be/content/view/15/68/

Sunday 24/01 at FIJ, S(a)int-Gill(e)(i)s, from 12 to 18h -> http://www.bxlug.be/fij