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Afrokata en Scène

sat 19/12/2015 - 19:00 > 20:00

Concert Afro-Brazilian percussion


Moisés Lama, born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, started playing Afro-Brazilian traditional and popular rhythms at age 11 on the streets of Alagados with his friends on buckets, pots, pans and homemade and recycled instruments. As a teenager, he founded Grupo de Percussão Bagunçaço. He then joined band Dilatasom, went on world tour with them and came to Europe for the first time, aged 15. Later on, he entered the music conservatory and enhanced his professional career, playing a vast array of rhythms and percussions. He participated in several international tours and worked with Zárabes, a member of Carlinhos Brown’s band. He also played with Orchestra Afrosudaka (with Ramiro Musotto), and Daniela Mercury’s band for Bahia Carnival in 2006. Since 2008, he has been living in Brussels, performing with several bands and teaching percussion classes.

In 2010, Lama started the percussion group ‘Afrokata.’ In Afrokata Lama is in search for a perfect mix of influences. He brings together beginning or intermediate-level percussion students and experienced percussionists of different nationalities using French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English. He combines Brazilian percussion with African instruments. When these band members play together… a firework begins! They bring their enthusiasm to the audience, standing still and just watch them… is not an option!

With these classes, Lama created project ‘Afrokata en Scène’ with advanced students in order to play with professional guest musicians. This project aims at promoting Afro-Brazilian music in Belgium and Europe. Recently the group released their first record with original songs, particularly with guest singer Simone Lima who will feature on Afrokata on Stage’s live concerts, to be joined by other guests and some of Lama’s students.