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Stijn Demeulenaere - Nothing is going to happen to us

don 21/05/2015 - 12:00 > 13:00

From Brussels with Love

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound-artist, a radio maker and searching musician. He holds degrees in sociology, cultural studies and studied radio at the RITS school of arts. Stijn was the curator and producer of the free form radio show ‘Radio Eliot’ on Radio Scorpio. He worked as an editor for Jan Fabre and worked as a journalist for Belgian national radio stations Klara and Radio 1 and for the independent radio station Radio K Centrale in Bologna, Italy. He was a founding member of the improvisation collective Karen Eliot.

Stijn is attracted to sound because of its directness, it’s malleability, and it’s mystery. In sound he tries to unravel social structures, personal history and the unconscious imagination of people.

He is currently working around the themes of the phenomenology of listening and the personal or experience of sound. Lately, Stijn has been increasingly involved with dance. He created the soundtracks for the dance pieces As It Fell  by Marisa Cabal and Stav Yeini, and Vartaloiden Kaupunki  by Veli Lehtovaara. Together with Georgia Vardarou and Marisa Cabal he created the site specific performance Sonic Theatres. Other collaborations included directors and video artists Ychaï Gassenbauer and Visual Kitchen. His work was shown or played in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and the UK. In 2014 - 2015 Stijn is artist in residence at Overtoon, Brussels (BE) and associated artist with the Pianofabriek Arts Lab, Brussels (BE). During that time he will be working on 61, an artistic research project about the phenomenology of sound, supported by the The Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region. Stijn lives and works in Brussels (BE).

Nothing is going to happen to us:
Nothing’s going to happen to us... is an installation in which video and sound collide. It investigates how our perceptions of an armed conflict relate to a lived reality. For Nothing’s going to happen to us... Stijn interviewed people who had spent some time in contemporary conflict zones, and talked with them about the sounds they heard, and the emotions those sounds evoked. From these interviews he took one story and asked some sound designers with a lot of experience in designing the sound for action movies, to tell him how they would design the sound for this particular scene. By confronting these two perspectives Nothing’s going to happen to us... wants to research the no man’s land between imagined emotions on the one hand and real memories on the other. Between an artificial ‘presentation’ of danger, and an authentic, lived memory of it. Both perspectives are delivered to the audience at the same time, using a surround sound setup. Each voice has it’s own spatialisation and they tell their stories over, under and against one another. The spectator needs to construct his or her own story from the continuous entanglement of information delivered to him or her.