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Maeva Cunci & Dominique Gilliot - Un Lapin Un Rideau

maa 16/03/2015 > vri 27/03/2015

After their last show, “La Représentation de trop“ in which three characters were thrown into a maelstrom of genre scenes, Maeva Cunci and Dominique Gilliot began to work on their new project “Un Lapin Un Rideau” (A Rabbit A Curtain).

This will be the ground for a single character to evolve, speak, move, draw curtains and inspiration from its immediate environment as well as further ones, and last but not least will try and draw a line between nature, culture, and an unknown element.

Concept: Maeva Cunci and Dominique Gilliot
Performance: Dominique Gilliot

Maeva Cunci & Dominique Gilliot will be working on this new project at Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Brussels (March), in Le Vivat, Armentières (April) and at Vooruit, Gent (June).

They will show a work-in-progress of "Un Lapin Un Rideau" on the 15th of May 2015 in Espace GT, Marseille (invited by Géraldine Py and Roberto Verde) and on the 30th and 31th of May 2015 in Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, for the exhibition "Odradek" (invited by Flora Katz and Mikaela Assolent).