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Einat Tuchman - InCompany

maa 05/10/2015 > vri 30/10/2015

The art of working on togetherness

InCompany is a collective of artists, that invites companies to become part of an art work. We invite companies who desire to invest in their teams to co-create a performance piece through an artistic process.

In the 21st century economy, the company culture of work is facing immense and rapid change. In this new world of work, the barriers between work and life have been all but eliminated. Employees are “always on”— hyper-connected to their jobs through pervasive mobile technology. At the same time they are highly challenged to be creative, flexible, socially and emotionally competent. This creates new forms of motivation, of stress and identification, and demands for new models of leadership and working together. Companies cannot see themselves any longer as closed and unique entities., They merge into a network of relations beyond consumers, workers, products and technology.

InCompany introduces artistic practices to the inner world of businesses and companies, helping their team members to understand and practice the creative, poetic values of their work. The artists of InCompany develop new concepts of shared decision taking processes for the culture of collaboration in teams. The inCompany practice empowers the multiple understandings of being, working and living together in order to enrich the human culture of companies.

More info: http://www.incompanybrussels.be