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Hans Beckers - Sonitum Horarium

maa 02/03/2015 > don 12/03/2015

Sonitum Horarium is a sound installation that uses all kinds of sand as a sound source. Sand flows from hourglasses through taps and pipettes into dishes and then into bowls on the ground. A mechanical system of chains and spoons transport the sand from the ground into large hourglasses. Microphones amplify the clicks of the apparatus and the rustle of the sand into musical worlds. The row of hourglass machines seems to be counting time. The ‘sand organ’ regulates the sound stream, in a world that is slowly but surely changing. Different types of sand from different places and deserts in the world were collected for this installation. Sand from Namibia, Mongolia, Libya, Burkina Faso, Haïti, India, Australia, Maroc, Mexico, France, ... Each sand has it’s own typical sound because of it’s texture and grain.

During his residency at the Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Hans Beckers reworks this sound installation for the 9th edition of the International Arte Laguna Prize in Venice for which he has been selected in the category Sculptures and installations. The exposition of the selected works takes palce at the Nappe Arsenale from 21st March until 5th April 2015.

More info here.
concept and installation: hans beckers
production hans beckers and champ d’action
musicians: hans beckers and bart maris
thanks to nora coulommier and britt hatzius (sandcollection)

trailer of Sonitum Horarium here