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Simon Mayer - Sons of Sissy

mon 14/09/2015 > sun 20/09/2015

Sons of Sissy is a continuation of the research I started for my last solo performance "Sunbengsitting". A research around Austrian traditions, customs and rituals.
This time I will work with 3 austrian musicians/performers (Manuel Wagner, Matteo Haitzmann and Patric Redl) who bring a background in different forms of traditional austrian dance and music into the project. Our interest is to share our knowledge and practice around the very original traditional forms. We will look for ways to experiment those forms and structures combine and open them up with contemporary dance and experimental music. The outcome of the project will be a performance with live music and dance which can be played in theaters but can also be adapted for alternative location (open air, barns, concert places). For these locations we will work on different formats (like f.e. a concert version that needs less space and with the main focus on the music). 
We will deal with a variety of traditional and ritualistic practices. Our main focus is on Austrian, Swizz and German traditions and rituals but we also combine them with rituals from other countries. (Schuhplatteln, Aperschnalzen/Traditional Whipping, Yodeling, Craftmanship, etc.). Further we try to bring back the very original forms, the wholesome or even healing aspects and the long forgotten ritualistic and spiritual side of folkdancing, folkmusic and other traditions. We will also work around the man s role in those traditions and how to free all of those topics from their conservativisms and prejudice. A very important aspect of the project is intimicy/nudity - the process of getting naked (not only in a physical sence) and its confrontation with the already mentioned traditional and ritualistic topics and forms (naked Schuhplattling/folkdancing, whipping, etc.). 
The work on rituals, wholesome or healing qualities in performance connects
the Project "Sons of Sissy" with the second Project I am working on which is called "Soulsugar". 

Credits Sons of Sissy:
Simon Mayer Concept, Idea, Performance, Music
Patrick Redl Dance, Performance, Accordeon, Vocals
Manuel Wagner Dance, Performance, Double Bass, Vocals
Matteo Haitzmann Vocals, Violine, Performance      

Hannes Ruschbaschan Light design
Andrea Simeon Set and Costumes     
Frans Poelstra Dramaturgic and artistic coaching
& Chris Standfest
Johannes Gierlinger/Jan Zischka Trailer & documentation
Sophie Schmeiser & Elisabeth Hirner Production

Mentors & Research
Matteo Haitzmann, Research on Traditions, Costums, Folkmusic
Simon Zöchbauer
Pramtaler Volkstanzgruppe Folkdance Coaching
Trachtenverein Altstädter Bauerngmoa Apernpeitschen/Whipping
Goaßlschnalzer Munderfing Goaßlpeitschen / Whipping
& further Austrian Traditional Groups

BRUT Wien, Gessnerallee Zürich, Wunder der Prärie Festival Mannheim, 
Tanz ist Festival-Spielboden / Günter Marinelli

With the kind support of
the city of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Kulturland Oberösterreich, Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

Residency & studio
WP Zimmer Antwerp, Studio Herbert Zauner Andorf, Raum 33 / Elio Gervasi, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Brussels