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Sujata Goel -

Friday 12th December, 18.00
Saturday 13th December, 17.00
Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek

free entrance - please reserve your seat at kunstenwerkplaats@pianofabriek.be

In ‘Self-Love’, Sujata Goel explores the commercialization of spiritualty and selfhood in capitalist societies. Though science and technology have taken us ‘beyond religion’, the myriad corporations of yoga, self-help, new age and wellness reveal modern society’s need for faith. ‘Self-Love’ considers the loss of self, physicality, myth, traditions, identity, community, ritual and value in modern society. On another level, the piece questions the consistent exploitation and commercialization of nonwestern spiritual traditions in order to reclaim a sense of self and faith. Specifically, the piece explores yoga as a mass phenomenon and critiques the commercialization of the form.

 ‘Self-Love’ is a work in progress. The research of the work began a year ago and stems from the artist’s parallel career as a yoga instructor. Unable to voice a critique in the yoga world in order to economically sustain herself, ‘Self-Love’ is an attempt to comment on the larger politics of appropriation that colonize yoga. In this evening’s showing, Sujata Goel will present the first section of the work. Set to a hypnotic voiceover taken from an online American yoga channel, Sujata Goel unpacks the state of alienation that plagues modern society. Formally, the piece investigates choreography as grammar and language. It explores how meaning and narrative is produced in dance. The choreography and text play off of each other to create a tableau of gestures in order to establish content and meaning. Precise time structures are applied to the movement languages, organizing them into ‘sentences’ that bring about a surreal narrative built on association.