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Myriam Van Imschoot - YOUYOUYOU

maa 12/01/2015 > vri 16/01/2015

YOUYOUYOU is a vocal performance that is entirely based on the Zaghareet, or ‘youyou’ in French. The Zaghareet is a cry of joy, mostly heard in muslim cultures on the occasion of weddings, births, etc… Due to migration this cry also is heard worldwide in different contexts. Together with 14 women from Brussels, Myriam van Imschoot performers will stretch the cry far beyond its original length. For the eternity of 8 long minutes the sound is interchanged as in a ‘perpetuum mobile’. Without the support of chant or instruments, the women will evoke a pure force by interconnecting their voices within the group and with the space around them. The Zaghareet evokes many intense feelings in the performers and most surely also within the public.

 "The cry or call brakes through our habitual definitions of the space. It echoes, it passes a boundary sets your teeth on edge or reaches out over walls. It has something of a taboo. It is ‘unheard’, ‘a disturbing noise at night’ or ‘crapulous’. Therefore it requires a good reason (warning in case of danger, etc.) or a ritualization in the ‘right’ context, such as the tribunes of a football game, political demonstrations or in the sounds accompanying a party. A performance can also create such a context. Youyouyou is a short marathon, built like an interchange race with 14 performers. We place the sonorous qualities of the exceptional Zaghareet under the footlight. The performances interact with each other, the public and the space.” (Myriam Van Imschoot).

YOUYOUYOU premièred on the 28th of November in the Beursschouwburg in Brussels . This Brussels version of YOUYOUYOU was proceeded by an Israeli version with eight local performers from the Tel Aviv and Jaffa Port region.
On February 7th 2015 YOUYOUYOU will be performed in the context of the 50th birth day of Beursschouwburg.


Concept & composition: Myriam Van Imschoot. Performance: Laïla Amazeian, Louiza Amghizzar, Najatt Bouali, Fatiha El Mrabet, Caroline Daish, Nezha Haffou, Myriam Van Imschoot, Remah Jabr, Fleur Khani, Suad Khelifa, Khadija Lazaar, Malika Mderreg, Anissa Rouas. Advies: Laïla Amazeian, Nedjma Hadj,

Production-assistent: Charlotte Timmermans. 
With the support of Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Beursschouwburg, Daarkom en VGC.