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Sujata Goel - Self-Love

lun 01/12/2014 > sam 13/12/2014

 "My current piece, a solo titled ‘Self-Love’, examines how capitalism, in order to ‘remedy’ the systematic alienation of ‘the self’ that it breeds, has produced what we may refer to today as an ‘industry of spirituality’. As we enter late capitalism and times of hyper-technology, how does a growing loss of physicality translate into our current relationship to faith and spirituality ? ‘Self-Love’ posits a critique of this bio-political reality, this loss of ‘the self’. Specifically, it looks at the phenomenon of yoga, and how it has become usurped into being a ‘global’ religion. It attempts to question the ideas of ‘self’, ‘well-being’ and ‘health’ that this ‘new version’ of yoga propagates.

As an Indian American artist, along with my career as a performer and choreographer, I teach yoga to survive, and have done so in Europe, India, and most recently, the USA. Having trained in yoga and dance most of my life in the ‘gurukula’ system (traditional Indian methodology of education), it is more than disturbing to see how yoga has come to be represented, understood and practiced. Unable to voice a critique in ‘the yoga world’ in order to stay economically afloat, the politics that I must contend to on a daily basis have been suffocating and overwhelming. ‘Self-Love’ posits my critique towards yoga’s ‘journey’ to the west and it’s subsequent ‘return’ to India. "

A showing of the work in progress on Self-Love is organized on Friday 12th of December at 18.00 and on Saturday 13th of December at 17.00.
please reserve your seat at kunstenwerkplaats@pianofabriek.be