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Resistance: from Resistere. Latin resistere "to make a stand against, oppose; to stand back; withstand," from re- "against" (see re-) + sistere "take a stand, stand firm".

Ciclope is a collective of audiovisual artists aiming today for an utopia, attempting to look from a different point of view. Ciclope is a group of resistant people who embarked in an explorative trip of the concept of Resistance to connect experience, share and learn what resistance is through different languages, cultures, histories, materials. Ciclope is a single eye. A shot. A moment. An instant in time. Ciclope is a vision. Not single, not unique, but universal. A multiple vision through one single eye. Our third one. We are one.

From November till January, we will investigate, share, collaborate, propose and create within the context of Saint Gilles and in an ongoing process of interaction with the city. Our aim is to discover and explore the forms and shapes of resistance together and within the city, by practicing arts, as a form of resilience.
We want to actively involve the people and places of Saint Gilles, by offering artistic experiences, learning opportunities, moments of sharing, in a two way process of discovering the boundaries of the concept of resistance, where we place ourselves both as providers and participants of such discovery.

We will organize screenings, debates, performances, workshops, exhibitions, we will experience art and we will do it together with anyone who will want to experience it with us. Participation and Creativity are key in our travel.

We are searching for artists, dreamers, and resistant people to join our trip! Do you want to resist with us, to find out what is irresistible, to take part in our drawing expo and the performance project, to share your personal resistance? If you can’t resist participating, please write to:

www.ciclopeart.org ciclopeartbruxelles@gmail.com