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Nada Gambier - Monstrous Encounters of Clowns – An attempt to swallow the world

maa 01/09/2014 > zat 20/09/2014

Monstrous Encounters of Clowns – An attempt to swallow the world is a project by Nada Gambier, that focuses on the friction between comic and brutal aspects of living, working and being together. The first part of the title Monstrous encounters of clowns refers to a coming together of something light (humorous, simple, positive, spontaneous) and something dark (brutal, grotesque, rough, chaotic, faulty, conflictual, destructive, heavy). This duality is present in all parts of the project. The second part of the title An attempt to swallow the world refers to an aim to digest the world at large through an artistic practice.

The project will run for two years and consist of two main phases. The first phase is separated into four blocks of one month. For each block Nada will work with a different performer and ending each time with a presentation to the public of a performative dialogue (danced, spoken or other). The second phase of the process will then bring the whole team together to continue the process and together create a full evening performance for the stage as well as a parcours (with different parts of the work taking place in different spaces of a building). In this way the project will go from intimate encounters to confronting the work with the energy of a larger group.
Block 1 is the first step in the process. Together with Sara Manente Nada Gambier creates a performance/concert that embraces clichés from the music world as a means to speak of dying expectations, desire, brutality, desperation and vanity. In a pot pourri of musical genres they flirt with various degrees of failure.

Direction Nada Gambier
Music & sound Lieven Dousselaere
Artistic advice Kate McIntosh

block 1
Performance Nada Gambier, Sara Manenete
Light Michael Janssens
Text and Lyrics Mark Etchells, Nada Gambier
Coproduction Kunstencentrum Buda, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats
In collaboration with wpZimmer

block 2
Performance Nada Gambier, Marcos Simoes
Coproduction Kaaitheater

block 3
Performance Nada Gambier, Thomas Kasebacher

block 4
Performance Nada Gambier

For upcoming performances, check out the agenda.

10th October 2014 | block 1 Première
Buda Vista, Kunstencentrum Buda

9th>15th February 2015 | block 2 Première
Burning Ice, Kaaitheater