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Of Mikes and Speakers

vri 25/04/2014 > woe 30/04/2014

VoiceLab 3

The purpose of this lab is to zoom into the components of mediated vocal performance by looking at the artistic potential of the use of microphones and loudspeakers in the theater space.

Together with composer Cathy Van Eck and sound artist Fabrice Moinet the participants will explore how various ‘dispositives’ (spatial, sonic and conceptual configurations) allow us to experiment with different registers of performance and listening.

The lab is open to practicioners who have a background in sound or radiophonic art, sound technique or (vocal) performance and who have an appetite for experiment and exchange.
Introduction classes on voice and sound technique will be given by vocalist Anne-Laure Pigache and sound engineer Dirk Jonckheere.

Of Mikes and Speakers takes place on 25, 26, 28-30 April 2014 at the Pianofabriek, Fortstraat 35, 1060, Sint-Gillis.

It is a collaboration of Sarma, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkpklaats and Pianofabriek Opleiding Podiumtechnieken, is curated by Myriam Van Imschoot and conducted by sound artist Fabrice Moinet and composer Cathy Van Eck

The lab is conducted in English.

Applicants should send a motivation letter and cv to Elisabeth Hirner (coordinator Sarma): elisabeth@sarma.be
Deadline for application: 30th Of March 2014
Participation fee: 90 euro.

Open event on 26 April 2014, 19:00 – 21:30: ‘Speaking of Mikes, Speakers and Acoustics, an evening of artist talks, performance and lecture.
Free entrance.

Timetable workshop
25/4/2014 11:00-18:00h: workshop day 1 with Anne-Laure Pigache 
26/4/2014 10:00- 18:00h: workshop day 2 with Dirk Jonckheere; 19:00h open event with Fabrice Moinet and Cathy van Eck
28 - 30/04/2014 10:00- 13:00h+14:30-19:00h workshop day 3, 4 and 5 with Fabrice Moinet and Cathy Van Eck 

More information and biographies of Cathy Van Eck, Fabrice Moinet, Anne-Laure Pigache, Dirk Jonckheere and Myriam van Imschoot on the site of Sarma.