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Dominique Godderis & Aurélien Chouzenoux - Lapsus next Cycle

maa 17/03/2014 > zon 30/03/2014

Lapsus Presents is the collaboration between composer-sound engineer Aurélien Chouzenoux and performer-singer Dominique Godderis. They are currently in the initial stages of composition for their next sound cycle. 

In their methodology composition is generated through the meeting of different mediums, and during their residence in Pianofabriek they will continue their research into sound objects, text and collage.

Inspired by the Metamorphosis of Ovid, the next instalment of Lapsus Presents, will continue to investigate the possibilities of storytelling through an audio-visual form, an architecture constructed with the suggestive resonance of sounds, words, and cut-out images. The collaboration will continue with the collective Vitrine en cours, who create installations out of cinematic projections.

The content has its roots in the force and resistance inherent to human nature, the capacity to regenerate, reinvent, to resist constructively.

"… the waves roll in, upon on shore where did once dream one and many of bright right days and boundless future. A call to arms, the gentle lapping, - the act a call, the voice seductive, inviting us outward, hands grasping at fragments, fragments that fall from too full hands, of some long forgotten yearning, pulled apart, blown apart and left there, here, for us to find, decipher, seulement le reste pour faire avec, faut faire avec…"