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Fleur Khani - Space Agency

maa 14/04/2014 > zon 20/04/2014

Space Agency is a choreographic piece for a choir. The performers activate the space around them through text and music. The audience is absorbed in the displacements in the space and the descriptions of houses, rooms, walls, objects, odours, colours, sensations … These spaces of daydreams become lucid through singing, rhythm and continuous spinal movements, until the language starts loosing its meaning and the concrete spaces liquefy again.

In Space Agency Fleur Khani is investigates what assemblages (agencements) are at work in a space that is set out to be a territory of homeliness, memory and encounter. Working with Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and also with Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets, the choir maps out - through movement, textual relations and singing as one – how an embodied space is generated (Space Generator), how we on a molecular level become the surroundings and how the surroundings become ‘of’ us (Opening Up) and thirdly how a space can eventually become anchored in itself and when it does so, prepares for it’s own abandonment and historification (Land).

In a larger socio-political context and also coming from Fleur Khani’s own motivation and concern, this work is about how we migrate and move around on an international, intercontinental level. She questions how easy or difficult it is to feel ‘at home’ somewhere, and how ‘home’ is much more connected to a construction in our memory (also of a home we might never have had) then to an actual place in our actual lives.

What are the spaces of our daydreams? How do our different imaginary memories co-exist through daydreaming? Can we materialize fragments of space through speech and what are the different relations that are produced according to our own standpoint? Do we change or do the surroundings change? Where is the connection, the Deleuzian agencement? In English translated as assemblage (assembler meaning ‘to come together, to make alike’). Can we investigate in the micro-society of the choir where the connections between us are situated? And when we connect, can we resonate?