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Malika Fankha

maa 09/12/2013 > vri 20/12/2013

"I am interested in the performative potential of language – the way it can transform from its written form to an auditive experience and eventually to a scene involving the physical body and the space in and around it. I’d like to experiment with different schemes such as eg. rhymes, verses, word games, poems, rap battles, political speeches, rage attacks, verbal fights, laments, prayers, declarations of love, mantras, anthems etc. How does our emotional state interfere with the use of language, how does it affect the sound (our voice), the speed, the volume, the intensity and the comprehensibility? How do repetitions, loops, samples deplete or enhance the meaning of words?

In 2012 I attended a two weeks laboratory by Myriam van Imschoot at Pianofabriek where we experimented with our own voice and the sound of our bodies. During my upcoming residency in December 2013 I’d like to deepen my research in this subject, using both the sound studios and equipment to make new recordings and the dance studio to find ways of how they could be embodied and put into a theatrical context. "