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Sarah & Charles The Suspension of Disbilief (The Musical Project) - 2012/2013

lun 04/02/2013 > dim 10/02/2013

Fascinated by the different types of codes used in film, theater and visuals arts, we long to break up the boarders of each discipline in our own practice as visual artists. We want to show visual art on stage, turn theatre into a movie and give cinema the shape of an exhibition. Through a play of shifting meanings we want to draw attention to the ‘machinery’ behind the various art forms. The idea of the world ‘behind the screens’ put front stage, is an important source of inspiration in our work.

The Suspension Of Disbelief will be an expressive and musical short movie. Musician and composer Lieven Dousselare has compose an original score (that), which functions as a source of inspiration for a lively and ecstatic choreography (by) performed by 6 dancers.

During our residency at the Pianofabriek we are (looking for) gathering material (guided by) with choreographer and performer Siet Reymaekers and with the collaboration of P.A.R.T.S. graduates Estelle Delcambre, Steven Michel, Pavle Heidler, Marcus Baldemar & Linda Blomqvist.