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Karin Verbruggen ’There was an accident. But things are better now’’

maa 12/11/2012 > vri 16/11/2012

There was an accident. But things are better now.

It cries. It babbles. It burps. It pukes. It poops and it pees. It whimpers, it screams, it sometimes snores, it squeals and it smacks it lips, it coughs, it sneezes and it has hiccups. It is a human infant.

’There was an accident. But things are better now’ started from the fascination for the movement patterns and behaviours of feral children. These children are - according to popular account - raised by animals. The performance itself deals with trying. Trying against all odds. The accidents and failures in this performance are related to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Attachment difficulties, (Kinaesthetic) stammering and Falling. Despite the negative connotation of these disorders/diseases/impediments, these accidents give the opportunity to look at voice, movement and language with a fresh eye and a chance to create something from what seems ‘hopeless.

During the residency at Pianofabriek I will be working on dusting off old material and on composition.

Supported by Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, Workspace Brussels and Summer Studios of PARTS./Rosas.