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Adva Zakai - Regarding yesterday

don 14/02/2013 > woe 27/02/2013

In the course of autumn 2012 – autumn 2013 Adva Zakai will present several performances, all sharing the overall title: Regarding yesterday. The series will be based on one principal: each encounter with the public should trigger an idea for the following performance. The experience of the spectators of Regarding yesterday will always re-define, re-shape and re-negotiate what the future audience is about to watch.

In Regarding yesterday:
I will stand still in front of the public. Slowly, my body will start shifting from one position to another. My breath will become a voice, the voice will become different voices. The movement will accelerate in pace, the voice will change volume, I will bend my back, I will bend it again and again in different ways, sometimes my voice will get as loud as a scream… and then I will not know what to do next.
At that moment the piece will finally begin.

Some of the performances in the series will be developed during residencies at de Pianofabriek.

Concept & performance: Adva Zakai (IL/BE)
In dialogue with: Shila Anaraki
Production: Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
Co-production: Beursschouwburg, kc nOna, Vooruit
With the support of: the Flemish Community
Special thanks to Repetition Island, Mardi and those who will join along the different phases of the series.

13 October 2012 at Beursschouwburg
2nd performance:
30 November 2012 at Beursschouwburg