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Nada Gambier ’Fiction in action’

maa 30/04/2012 > vri 04/05/2012

The aim in fiction in action will be to develop an abstract language that borders on narration. Abstraction loaded with meaning is perhaps the best way to put it. We will work towards creating a performance in which the performers and their actions remain in an in-between state where intention and understanding rely on associative thinking.
Nada is interested in constructing a constantly transforming fiction where associations of meaning are formed. One of the key principles for this work will be to use interruption as a way of building a non-linear coherence, an indeterminate fiction.
We will begin with physical explorations and then little by little introducing supporting elements, such as costumes, lights, sound or other theatrical devices (smoke-machine, wind etc.) into the work in order to bring our abstract actions a narrative dimension (beyond what is already present physically).
The goal is to create material with a logic of its own that radiates a sense of purpose while by nature being non-sensical.

Concept and direction: Nada Gambier
Performance: Nada Gambier and Norberto Llopis Segarra
Sound: Christophe Albertijn
Light design: Marc Dewit
Management: Karolien Derwael
Production by Action Scénique vzw.
Pre- creation research supported by L’L, an association supporting emerging artists in research and development of projects.

The creation is co-produced by workspacebrussels, BUDA , TAKT Dommelhof and deSingel and is supported by Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, wp Zimmer, c-mine Genk and “STROOM, de cultuursubsidie voor beloftevol talent van de Provincie Limburg"