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Edurne Rubio
’The Visitors’ (research)

maa 28/05/2012 > vri 15/06/2012

Una casa vive unicamente de hombres,
como una tumba.

César Vallejo
In the last years I’m carrying out trough all my works a progressing research about individual and collective perception of time and space. I work with the architecture as a hinge between the inside and the outside, the pass and the present. Architecture accumulates different times and bodies. It is the perfect witness, a human construction that contains real life. Even if architects try to have a control about their creations, the life, empowered, decide over the mental intentions.
For this period, I will work with archives images, filming old pictures of spaces or landscapes empty of any human or animal life. I will create the illusion of ‘time travel’, a fiction in which my presence is simulated in a place that has been transformed. I filmed these photos (of spaces) as if somebody was entering a new space and looking around to grasp its surroundings. The limits of the camera are the limits of the picture. The stubborn visitor tries once after the other to go beyond the limit, of course without success. The audience wonder: why is the observer not advancing? Why doesn’t he go in? What is happening behind?
In the words of Steven Jacobs analysing Hitchcock cinema “The off-screen is emphasised as an absence. An absent space summoned up by the looks of the characters on the one hand, or by the spectator’s gaze via the look of the camera on the other. Hitchcock often created anguish and suspense by prolonging such an absence – a tactic frequently used in horror films, where the off-screen can hide nameless terrors”.