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Adva Zakai
’The Clifford Irving Show meets the Pointer’

maa 16/04/2012 > vri 27/04/2012

In December 2010, Adva Zakai performed ‘The pointer’, a solo act made for The Clifford Irving Show. The CIS is a series of events initiated by curator Raimundas Malasauskas (Clifford Irving Show bears the name of the eponymous writer. So far it has been introduced as a "live variety show dedicated to the arts’ involvement in life-writing at large that stars a variety of stories, performances, characters and audiences"). The next event will take place in Vienna in May 2012 but will set an ultimate twist to the format of the previous events: instead of being a collective composition of various participants, it gravitates around one-woman-stage show performed by Adva Zakai, combined with soundtrack by Morten Norbye Halvorsen and Benjamin Seror, two veterans of Clifford Irving Show.

During the residency at de Pianofabriek - Malasauskas, Zakai, Halvorsen and Seror will develop concepts from both shows into a hybrid event and finalize the structure of the new show.