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sat 03/12/2011 - 11:00

Thing 001698 (The Lexicon)

In Assembly (Look what i made sis!), Agency calls forth Thing 001698 (The Lexicon), speculating on the question: How can ideas be included within art practices? Thing 001698 (The Lexicon)

Thing 001698 (The Lexicon) concerns a controversy around an unauthorized printed version of the encyclopedia sections from the Harry Potter fan website Harry Potter Lexicon. The writer J. K. Rowling tried to have The Lexicon classified as a "derivative work" of the Harry Potter books. At the same time, this by a group of volunteers driven website played an important role in her writing of the Harry Potter series.

On December 3th at 11 am, Thing 001698 (The Lexicon) convenes an assembly at Pianofabriek in order to bear witness. Agency invited a diverse group of concerned guests to "respond" on the witnessing of Thing 001698 (The Lexicon): Sari Depreeuw (researcher intellectual property law and lawyer), Maarten Gielen (designer and researcher at Rotor, Bricoleurs Sans Frontières), An Mertens (writer), Jessie Nijs (Dreuzels, Harry Potter fan website Belgium), Tristan Wibault (translation).

Agency is the generic name of an agency that was founded in 1992 by artist Kobe Matthys and is based in Brussels. Agency constitutes an ongoing list of things that witness hesitation in terms of the split of nature into the ontological classifications of “nature” and “culture”.

free entrance - in english, with translation to french