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’Burning Skin’

mon 17/10/2011 > sun 23/10/2011

With her violent shout "Open Sesame!", the world is disembowelled
beyond recognition
and her wet-pantsed mum and dad (+ his mistress) are seized with fear
which crushes the living room where she lost herself by the fireside
and makes her repents her obsession with the prescription that reads
"3 tablets a day"

I’m gonna kick your head with a persistent oil stain and splash your

Thus she shouts again - her fastidious spirit shows no mercy for women and children. She even frightens elderly men and women!

This is a story of a girl with a burning skin.

Kodomo Kyojin (Giant Child) is a troupe of theatre performing artists, formed in 2005 by the brothers Takashi and Kanji Masuyama. They combine music with spoken and wordless drama, creating visually hallucinating images, spinning dreamy webs and excavating buried tales of the world. Absurd and surrealistic moods are being set, strange vibes created, using a lot of humor to describe the strong extremes of the old and new Japanese society.
Kodomo Kyojin uses people, moods, places and stages as inspiration. It adapts the concept of the play accordingly to their surroundings. They reach every aspect of human life (for example: fears, happiness, angers, dreams, suicides, etc…). Touching the matter without limits or taboos.

The story of Burning Skin evolves around a young girl with a serious case of atopic dermatitis. Taking full advantage of being handicapped, she is destructive and violent - echoing Richard III - denies everything what her family and everyone surrounding her stands for and insists on rebelling as she nose-dives into the total ruin. As her violence escalates, her eczematic skin inflames. Thus bent is her world and it leads her to the image of a desert which she fantasises to be the cleanest place in this world to dwell. With its warped chaos, this theatrical world erupts into her eventual death.

Creating on stage "the thrilling time that can only be gotten at theatre", Kodomo Kyojin attempts to elevate and emancipate the theatrical piece from some petty adventure where everything occurs within the 2-meter radiance to its violent yet intensely beautiful climax. The accompanying music was created by la crème de la crème of Kansai (western Japan) music scene Kirara Nakabayashi (from Oshiripenpens) who is listed as one of the world’s 100 best guitarists.
Premiered in Tokyo last May, "Burning Skin" will embark on the one-year brush-up tour and and is scheduled be performed in cities like Osaka and Brussels. "Burning Skin"is Kodomo Kyojin’s latest and most ambitious work to date and was written and directed with a wider, global audience in mind.

Performance the 2nd of November at Beursschouwburg, 20.30