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Shila Anaraki & Stefan Prins ’P A R K’

maa 04/06/2012 > vri 08/06/2012

by Shila Anaraki
based on a composition of Stefan Prins
a Zwerm production

Think of a body in stand-by mode, a short-circuited thought, a human brain processing at a frequency of 5 GHz...
In PARK, six computers form a communication network that provides six performers with real-time instructions. PARK confronts the human body with a digital logic. It plays on the border between human presence and absence in technology and embodies a puzzle in which this presence and absence outline each other. With playful precision we investigate strategies for embracing, resisting, adapting, disrupting or short-circuiting these technical surroundings. Who infiltrates what, and what infiltrates whom? PARK inhabits a peculiar network, which sputters, crackles and flickers.
For PARK, Stefan Prins asked Shila Anaraki to create a performance based on his composition ’Infiltrationen’, for 4 electric guitars and a live-electronics performer. Central to this composition is the notion of technology infiltrating the conditio humana on several levels.

Trailer PARK:



created by: Shila Anaraki
based on a composition of Stefan Prins
developed in dialogue with Adva Zakai
music: Stefan Prins, Zwerm
realised and performed by: Shila Anaraki, Stefan Prins & Zwerm (Toon Callier, Bruno Nelissen, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Johannes Westendorp)
scenography & light: Simon Siegmann
dramaturgical advice: Lars Kwakkenbos
sound: Roel Das (ChampdAction)

a Zwerm production
co-production: Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, deSingel, ChampdAction, Workspace Brussels
supported by: wpZimmer, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, Cohort
with the support of the Flemish Government