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Dolores Hulan ’Redefine’ (research)

maa 07/11/2011 > vri 18/11/2011

A project around identity wherein a performer undergoes a continuous transformation and plays with layering in various mediums:
investigation in a specific movement language as well as thinking about questioning the notion of clothing/costume - my interest lies in trying to find a frame of interaction between the two, finding out how body and costume can be interconnected and how with a very abstract methodology I nevertheless can evoke a specific state, atmosphere and intensity for an audience.

In search of simplicity and following this logic of the costume being seen as an extension of the body, the sound is treated equally. I work with a microphone and looping machine to produce the soundscape live onstage thus using the same principles: my voice being an extension of the body as well as layering the sound that it produces.

This close interplay of all elements aims to create a world of ceaseless metamorphosis in which the performer inhabits a state of constantly shifting identities.

collaborators: Jerry Killick, Eugénie Poste & Wendy Van Wynsberghe
supported by: Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats and Workspace Brussels