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Ula Sickle ’Light Studies’ (research)

maa 07/11/2011 > vri 25/11/2011

Currently involved in a trajectsubidy research towards the production of a group piece, Ula will be in residency in The Pianofabriek in the fall and WorkSpace Brussels in the spring. The two main areas of her research trajectory fall under the double heading - Performing Light, Performing Movement.

During this first residency period, Ula will be experimenting with light both as a scenography and as an active performer. Starting from research she began in the film and new media program Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains in 2010, which resulted in the short performance piece Atomic 5.1. Ula will continue to explore how light can alter the perception of the body and of movement, becoming an active choreographic element in a performance, if not the performer itself. Atomic 5.1 and a second part developed during the residency will be presented during an end-of-residency showing. 

In partnership with WorkSpace Brussels


Ula Sickle (b. 1978, Toronto) is an artist and performance maker, living and working in Brussels Belgium. She works across disciplines, and often in collaboration with artists from other domains. While her work takes many forms, from film to installation to live performance, it is informed by a choreographic approach to movement and a work on perception and reception, specific to the live arts.